Allan R. Banks

A native of Dearborn, Michigan, Allan R. Banks is a highly accomplished artist whose credentials speak for themselves.

Displaying precocious talent from a young age, numerous recognitions fueled his zeal to reach for the highest standards attainable. He was the recipient of the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Memorial Fellowship in 1972 and 1973 as well as the Stacey Award in 1974. Later, he received an Ohio Arts Council Award.

Comprehensive classical training under Richard Lack and later, R. H. Ives Gammell at his private studio in Williastown, Massachusetts, contributed substantially to the development of Banks' work.

Visits to Europe brought about a further artistic development as well as the rediscovery of plein-air painting and the concept of getting back to nature.

Banks' vision and progressive nature is seen in works ranging from portraiture, garden paintings and interiors as well as major figure works, both in the studio and plein-air. Stylistically, Banks relates most closely to the naturalist painters of the nineteenth-century France, particularly Jules Bastien-Lepage, the naturalist movement's chief proponent and greatest practitioner.

Allan R. Banks has exhibited widely in galleries and museums across the country. A published series of his works have been sold to an international clientele. Mr. Banks is listed in Who's Who in American Art and he currently maintains a studio on Florida's West Coast.