Clement Micarelli

Clement Micarelli was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. His family recognized at an early age his aptitude for art and encouraged him to pursue his interest. At the age of twelve, Clement attended his first figure drawing course at the Rhode Island School of Design, later studying at the Pratt Institute and The Art Student's League with Meltzoff, Mason, Lindner, and Dickenson.

Micarelli focused on fine art, figure drawing and design. After completing his studies in 1955, he began a career as a commercial artist specializing in fashion illustration. He built a successful career freelancing for several large department stores in New York including Gimbel's, Montgomery Ward, B. Altman and Plymouth Shops. Always, Clement continued to paint commissioned portraits.

Fashion illustration proved to be a lucrative career and rewarding in many ways, but after several years of commercial endeavors, Clement felt driven to make more creative use of his talents and art education. Eager for a challenge and a change, he gave up the New York market, packed up his family and moved to New England. After settling in Massachusetts, Clement began to paint full time. In just a few years, he won the respect and admiration of his peers and gained a vast following of collectors.

Micarelli has established a well-deserved reputation for portraits. While equally proficient in all mediums, Clement prefers oil paint for its color and richness, and pastel for its spontaneity and texture. Executed in a classical style that mirrors the masters, his ability to capture not only a person's likeness, but their personality, brings his portraits to life. He observes the detail of the sitter's facial expressions, gestures, and what the sitter wears as well as how he or she wears it. Above all, Clement tries to understand the person beyond their appearance: to capture the individuality of who they are. Because each portrait is an interpretation, it must reflect the artist's own viewpoint with his personality responding to the essence of his subject. In this sense, portrait painting is profoundly different from illustration.

The influences of the great artists like Velazquez, Rembrandt, and Degas do not go unrecognized in his paintings. His admiration for their craftsmanship inspires his own creative process. Micarelli loves what he does. The emotional involvement is clear and the results speak for themselves.

As an artist, his choice of what to paint and how to paint it grows out a variety of creative needs. One of these needs is to express his feelings and thoughts about the world around him. Painting people singularly or in groups, he usually selects an activity that reveals something significant about their lives. Often his clients remark that something new is revealed each time they view their painting.

Since becoming a grandfather, Clement has explored fantasy illustration with his grandchildren in mind. He has done a very successful dream series often featuring his grandchildren. These have expanded into a number of other images, including Music, Hollywood Stars, Hockey and Extreme Sports. The images are in distribution internationally.

Clement Micarelli's paintings and drawings hang in corporate collections as well as private homes throughout the United States.