Francis Golden

No other artist in outdoor painting expresses himself with the style, distinction and individuality that is reflected in the work of Francis Golden. He is one, among a handful of outdoor painters, who has mastered the medium of watercolor.

Born in Adams, Massachusetts in 1916, Francis received his education at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. He studied with Alexandre Jacovleff (1887-1938), a renown Russian artist and draftsman. After a brief career as a muralist, the highlight of which came working under Salvador Dali at the New York World's Fair, Francis then turned to commercial illustration.

Since 1960, Francis has concentrated on illustration for various magazines, notably Sports Illustrated, Audubon and Sports Afield. Although he is generally known as a sportsman's artist, his watercolors reveal a sensitive appreciation of the gentle side of nature. "I love the outdoors. I love to hunt and fish and I use watercolor all the time. It's kind of tricky, but it's high speed and spontaneous. Everything has to be done at once, it has to be fresh."

Golden is a "loose" painter with vast areas of his paintings often having little or no identifiable details. Suggestion is as important as exact representation, the details are reserved to define the focal point of each painting. His use of watercolor, to the exclusion of all other mediums, arose through the desire to paint in a free and expressive manner and his satisfaction comes from capturing the mood of each location.

Francis Golden has received numerous awards and citations from such groups as the Society of Illustrators and Art Directors Club. He is represented in galleries throughout the United States and currently maintains a studio at his home in Massachusetts.