Stefan Pastuhov

Maine artist, Stefan Pastuhov is inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds him. Throughout the four seasons, each sight he paints offers its own individuality and uniqueness. Painting on location, Stefan captures the various weather and lighting conditions of nature. Because these conditions are constantly changing he often paints a number of paintings at the same location, yielding very different results. Stefan also finds meaning in the intellectual challenge of designing each painting and then undertaking its construction.

Stefan was educated at The American School of Paris, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University. He credits several artists as influences including the French Impressionists, Corot and Sisely as well as the Rockport School's Aldro Hibbard, Emile Gruppe and Paul Strisick. The California Impressionists, William Wendt and Edgar Payne serve as his plein-air painting heroes.

Stefan Pastuhov has exhibited in shows throughout New England. He is represented in galleries from Maine to Ohio and his work is included in several corporate and private collections.