Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes began his career at age twenty one as a self taught illustrator at the Boston Christian Science publication, The Monitor. After three years, he went on to work as a free lance illustrator and began studying fine art.

In 1990, Tom became the fine art department head at Pearl Art Supply in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Two years later, while continuing his free lance work, Tom began his career as a fine artist. In 1996, he was able to leave his illustration work behind and focus solely on fine art.

Tom paints portraits, landscape and still life in oils, acrylic, alkyds, watercolor and gouache. He always paints from life as apposed to photographs and he works "alla prima," which means to paint all in one sitting. He describes his work as "loosely painted, but well structured."

Tom has painted landscapes all over New England, the Southwest and the West Coast as well as in England and Portugal. He also spent the summers of 1996, 97 & 98 painting in France.

Tom Hughes' paintings are in many private and corporate collections. His work has been in several shows including the historic exhibition New England Impressions, Painting from Life which was held in 1998 at the Attleboro Museum in Massachusetts.