Timothy Thies

Vermont artist, Timothy Thies has traveled from Colorado to Cape Cod, then to France and back again. Drawn to each place by the promise of magic, he is inspired to paint what he terms as, "the essence of color and light." His work has been reviewed as "subtle, alive, vibrant and engaging."

Thies received the artistic distinction of "Copley Artist" from The Copley Society of Boston. After winning a Second Place award for his oil, "Degas and Dried Roses," and being juried into five shows, he became entitled to use the initials CA after his signature. Tim is also a member of Oil Painters of America.

Tim Thies has been on the move for the past fifteen years. While living in Denver in 1981 he accepted a scholarship to study at the National Academy of Design in New York under Nelson Shanks, the master of modern-day realism and portraiture. "Nelson demanded a strong sense of design, craftsmanship, and discipline," says Thies. Shanks' insight and influence made a lasting impression. "He felt we should be better than the Old Masters and the Impressionists because we have all of their work to learn from." With Shanks encouragement, Thies traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts to study impressionistic painting and color at the Cape Cod School of Art under Henry Hensche. "Hensche helped me see how to bring color and a more painterly, loose approach to my work; a softer, more expressive, and more immediate look," explains Thies. "This approach opened my eyes to painting luminosity."

In 1986, Tim encountered the art of 22 karat gold leaf framing and studied the fourteenth century technique of traditional water gliding. Because of his desire to keep this knowledge alive, Tim began teaching workshops to students and professional framers. In 1995, he began teaching the surface adornment techniques of Pastiglia, Granito, and Sgrafitto that were perfected by the artisans of the Italian renaissance. Tim is now a member of the Society of Gilders.

In 1994, The Volunteers of America selected Tim's painting, "First Snow-Vail Colorado," for their premier Christmas card. His painting, "Nantucket Garden" won Best of Show in the Colorado exhibition, "Images of Spring." The juror, Kang Cho, also gave Thies a Third Place award for his pastel, "Emily Post House." In 1995, The Pastel Society of America granted Tim full membership, which entitles him to use the initials PSA after his signature on all of his pastels. In February 1997, The Artist's Magazine selected Tim's painting "Summer Garden" for their cover. They also published Thies' article detailing his step by step technique for achieving rich, luminous pastel pieces.

In his continuing quest to refine his own unique expression of color and light, Thies has taken workshops with artists, Ned Jacob, Charles Movali, Clyde Aspeviq, Michael Lynch, and David Leffel. Tim also received a special invitation to study with distinguished painter and author, Richard Schmid.

Timothy Thies currently lives in Vermont with his wife Kristen and his cat Leonardo.