Lois Griffel
100 Years of Color and Light
April 10th through May15th

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of The Cape Cod School of Art, The Christopher Gallery is proud to present the works of Lois Griffel. Ms. Griffel is the current director of the Provincetown based art school founded in 1899 by impressionist, Charles Hawthorne. The Cape Cod School is the oldest "plein-air" art school in the country. Plein-air is a term that describes painting outdoors in natural light.

In 1935, Charles Hawthorne's protege, Henry Hensche became the school's director and expanded on Hawthorne's approach to painting nature's different light effects. Lois Griffel was one of the recipients of Hensche's teachings and in turn developed her own methods of passing on this rich painting legacy.

Lois Griffel's interest in art began at the age of five, when she entertained neighborhood children with her drawings and paintings. Griffel discovered early in her career that she enjoyed teaching. She attended Southern Connecticut State College and received a bachelors degree in education.

Later, while making her living as a portrait painter, Lois enrolled at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design in New York. She studied with many outstanding artists including Everett Raymond Kinstler and Harvey Dinerstein. Ms. Griffel's introduction in the early 1970's to artist Henry Hensche led to her in-depth study and practice of the impressionist theory of painting.

A "Classical Impressionist," Ms. Griffel uses color to express light and form. She works "en plein -air" to capture the subtleties and luminous light effects of nature. Lois has also incorporated earlier influences of traditional painting with that of the impressionists.

As director and instructor at The Cape Cod School of Art, it gives Lois great joy to combine her love of teaching and painting and to share them with her enthusiastic students. She is dedicated to continuing the tradition started by Hawthorne, Hensche and the masters of Impressionist painting.

Ms. Griffel published her first book in 1994 entitled Painting the Impressionist Landscape. Widely acclaimed, it is in its second printing. It has also been translated in Chinese and Japanese. Lois has had several one-woman shows throughout New England, and has been included in invitational exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Washington, D. C. and Carmel, California.

"For Impressionists, color and light is the subject of our paintings. Painting is poetry. This is about being poetic. Some artists do it with words, we do it with paint."-Lois Griffel.

Lois Griffel has just released the second of her two instructional videos entitled Learning to Paint the Impressionist Landscape. Both Volume 1: Basics of Light and Color & Volume 2: Landscape Lessons are two hours in length. Her videos and book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape are available through the Christopher Gallery. The videos are 79.95 each (or 139.95 for the set) and the book is 29.95.

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