THE CHRISTOPHER GALLERY is proud to offer NOOR ORIENTAL RUGS through our referral service.

Noor Oriental Rugs offers a large inventory of fine Persian rugs, new and antique. Heriz, Kerman, Isfahan, Farahan, Mashad, Ghom and Tabriz are among the most popular designs.
Their inventory also contains rugs featuring the geometric designs from different regions of Turkey: Sivas, Anatolia, Malatya, Kurdish, Adana, Van, Ushak and many other villages. and towns.
Noor carries Indo-Persian, Pak-Persian and Sino-Persian versions of most traditional authentic rugs. Among their extensive collection you will also find, Bokhara and Chinese rugs.
In addition Noor carries kilims from Iran and Turkey. Kilims are a special kind of oriental rug; the main difference between a kilim and a regular oriental rug being that a kilim has no pile.


Noor understands that making the decision to purchase an oriental rug takes time. When you are ready to own an oriental rug, call with your specifications as to colors and sizes and Noor will bring a selection to your residence or business. Your decor is reviewed by their experts to match color, sizes and designs. If you choose not to buy any of these rugs, they will bring others to you until you are satisfied with your selection.


Noor is unlike typical oriental rug dealers where many "middle men" are involved; i.e., importers, exporters and retailers. Noor goes to the Middle East three times a year to carefully and personally select the finest rugs. Since there is no "middle man" involved, their prices are among the lowest in the United States. Noor guarantees that if any other supplier can produce identical rugs as far as the colors, age, design and quality are concerned, at a lower price than theirs, they will sell to you at a lower price. Noor is also proud to state that, to their knowledge, their company is the only producer/importer of oriental rugs in the country. This means that they invest in village weavers who create rugs exclusively for them.


Noor's weavers can produce custom designed rugs according to your instructions and specifications. They can also have your name, signature, company name or company logo woven into a rug or kilim.

Before a rug is woven, a "cartoon" or pattern (above) is made from which the design and colors of the rug are set. It is within this hand-knotted framework, that Master Weavers express their philosophy on religion, war, peace, love, nature and the environment. Truly prized artisans have even been known to create their masterpieces without the use of a predetermined cartoon.


Almost 90% of oriental rugs currently on the market are mass produced using chemical dyes and low quality wool. These fade more quickly than true orientals and do not wear as well, thus are not a good investment. In contrast, Noor's selection focuses on authentic Persian and Turkish rugs made with pure vegetable dyes and high quality wool.


Noor has runners in a variety of sizes and in many different designs such as Kerman, Tabriz, Saraband, geometric designs, etc. Their typical sizes are 2.6 x 6 ft. and up to 2.6 x 30 ft. Other sizes may be provided upon request. Noor installs runners as well, using the following choices of methods: a) solid brass rods, which enhance the beauty of oriental rugs; b) solid brass clips; or c) stapled runners on stairways.


Most of Noor's rugs represent unique works of art. The art of weaving handmade rugs was developed in Persia, Turkey and other countries in the Middle East. The weavers of rugs have practiced their craft in the same manner for well over twenty five centuries. Each rug, through its beautiful colors and delicate designs, reflects the thoughts, emotions, religion, historical period and even the stage of life of the individual weaver. Contrary to ordinary rugs which are produced for mass-market distribution, the majority of Noor's rugs are crafted for the use of the family of the weaver or tribe and draw on native themes for their splendid colors and intricate designs. They have preserved their originality and historical integrity. Each is a work of art reflecting the natives' themes which have influenced the weaver. And since each city, tribe or village weaves its own type of rug, each piece is unique in its dyes, design and method of production.

Featured above is a ninetieth century map/rug. This historic piece depicts the various centers, towns and villages in ancient Persia where the art of rug-weaving was first developed, and has since become a leading inspiration for colors and design throughout the world.


If a customer changes their mind about the rugs purchased from Noor (in certain cases when moving from one residence to another or changing the interior decoration of the home), Noor guarantees that the customer has the permanent and unlimited option to exchange the rug for another of their choice.


Noor can provide your choice of design in soft pastels or rich colors. The standard sizes they typically carry are 1x2, 2x3, 5x7, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14. Noor also specializes in providing rugs in unusual sizes and colors.


Noor's professionally trained staff will hand clean your oriental rugs and do invisible repair work. Noor will also appraise or purchase your rugs.