The Christopher Gallery currently represents the following portrait artists, working in different styles and mediums.
Allan R. Banks paints portraits from life exclusively. He works in oil, capturing a stately elegance that is reminiscent of the old masters.
William Bartlett paints portraits in oil and works from life exclusively. His paintings are reflective of the Boston School style of traditional realism.
Laurie Borden paints animal portraits from photographs. She works in oil and pastel and has a gift for capturing not only the likeness of animals but also their personality.
Margaret Farrell Bruno creates portraits from photographs. She works in pastel and often includes her subjects in outdoor settings. Her portraits of children are especially charming.
T. A. Charron creates portraits in graphite, preferably from life but he will also work from photos if necessary. His beautifully rendered drawings have won several national awards.
Clement Micarelli creates portraits in oil and pastel. He works from photographs and life. Clementıs formal style lends itself perfectly to corporate portrait commissions.

Note: All the artists working from photographs take their own photos, although when commissioned to do posthumous portraits, the artists may work from different reference material.

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